Sherpa Tiny Rough Roader

Weight: 580kg
Width: 1,975m
Length: 4,3m
Height: 2,2m (Can be adjusted)
Suspension: Rubberide / 1600kg axle with shock absorbers
L-Shaped patio, poles, ropes & pegs: Yes
Mattress (1,1m X 1,9m X 0.1m): Yes
Overun Brake System: Yes
Fibreglass Step: Yes
4 Stabiliser Jacks, Fire extinguisher: Yes
Brakes & braked coupler, axle 1,200kg: Yes
Electrical cable (220v) – 12m: Yes
LED lights (2 inside, 1 outside) 12v (DC): Yes
Wheel spanner, jack spanner & mallet: Yes
Battery 12V (lead acid) and charger: Yes
Wheels: 215R15: Yes
Mirco-Dotting: Yes

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    The Sherpa Tiny Rough Roader caravan is suitable for off-road travelling. It has the same size body as the standard Tiny, but has larger wheels, and is higher off the ground. It comes standard with brakes, a L-shaped rally canopy, 2 sleeper bed, 12v as well as 220v electricity and lots of packing areas including cupboards and hatches. It does not come standard with a fridge as campers have their own very specific requirements when it comes to a 12v fridge! You have the option of 3 interior bed layouts. The choices are: – dinette layout – 2 benches and a table converting to a bed with storage under each bench.- fixed bed – full storage area under bed.- two single beds – storage under each bed.