Sherpa Tiny Lite

  • Weight: 550kg
  • Width: 1.8m
  • Length: 4.3m
  • Height: 2.1m
  • Suspension: Rubberide/850kg axle
  • Rear patio with poles, ropes & pegs: Yes
  • Mattress (2 x 0.600m x 1.9m x 0.1m): Yes
  • 4 Stabiliser Jacks: Yes
  • Electrical cable (220v) – 10m: Yes
  • LED lights (2 inside) & transformer: Yes
  • Wheels:155/80R13: Yes
  • Spare wheel 155/80R13: Yes
  • Wheel spanner, jack spanner & mallet: Yes
  • Mirco-Dotting: Yes
  • Fridge (220V) pub size: Yes
  • Fibreglass Step: Yes
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    It is based on the standard Sherpa Tiny but it only has a rear door and no side door. The front windows have been eliminated and extra cupboards have been put in their place. The bed layout is 2 single beds and a 220v pub fridge is provided. There are no overrun brakes. The roof hinges on the front and lifts up at the back. There is a small canopy at the back.