Namib TX Caravan

The Namib TX off road caravan is luxurious, light and compact with all the features you need. As with all the Echo 4×4 products, the Namib TX is rugged enough to conquer the toughest terrain imaginable. It has been designed to accommodate two adults in absolute comfort which ensures ease of use and ultimate relaxation.The kitchen hosts several unique designs such as a fold out working surface with a removable stainless steel table, a two plate gas cooker and a storage space for cutlery and crockery. The fridge is secured in a closed compartment with access from inside the caravan through a top hatch. The Fridge can also be accessed from the outside with a convenient sliding system.

It has enough space for an 80 litre fridge as well as a fire extinguisher, wash basin, drying rack with hot and cold water tap. Mosquito nets also comes standard for the main door as well as all the tent windows. The tent is manufactured from UV stable PVC.Setup and packing is simple and can be all done by one or two people. Additional storage space has been added so you no longer have to pack any bags. This caravan has space for a portable toilet. The shower tent cubicle is fitted on the outside of the caravan with enclosed PVC walls.

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    Product Name



    Tara 890Kg
    Overall Width 1960mm
    Overall Height 1970mm
    Overall Length 1970mm
    Sleeping Capacity 2 Adults