Echo Tec 5 Off-road Trailer

The Echo Tec 5 Off-road trailer is the flagship trailer of the Echo 4×4 range. It is constructed of the most superior materials and designed to be lightweight yet robust. The Echo Tec 5 is manufactured with independent suspension giving this trailer the maximum stability and off-road performance. It has the ability to handle the most severe conditions. Luxuries such as a gas geyser and gas stove makes you feel right at home no matter where you are. The nosecone has been fitted with a fridge slider inside that can fit a 90 liter fridge/freezer. It has also been fitted with a wood rack on top. Wash basin and drying rack are located below the hot and cold water taps. The kitchen unit has ample storage space for groceries.

Bag kits have been places in convenient locations throughout the trailer to help organize your gear. The Mk4 trailer top tent gives ample space with various sleeping options. The Echo Tec 5 is an all inclusive trailer. All these features listed above are standard in the Echo Tec 5 Off-road trailer. The only optional extras are the axle width and the trailer rack that allows you to load your bicycles or a canoe on top. Now you never have to leave them behind when going on your adventures. It is not often that you get all these features packed into one ALL INCLUSIVE deal.

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    Product Name



    Tara 595kg
    GVM 1800kg
    Overall Width 1850mm
    Overall Height 1600mm
    Overall Length 3900
    Load Body Width 1500mm
    Load Bed Length 2200mm
    Load Body Height 910mm
    Load Body Volume 3003 litre