Echo 1 Off-road Trailer

The Echo 1 off-road trailer is the ideal entry level trailer due to its tough design, low price tag and large load body area. Perfect for anyone that needs to transport a lot of gear when travelling. The Echo 1 off-road trailer has been developed to maximize packing space in a compact body.The Echo 1 features container style doors on both left and right sides. These fold down to create a useful working surface. An optional 8 drawer system can be mounted inside to ensure quick access to essential gear.

The large swing rear door will also make packing a breeze. The front mounted spare wheel helps balance the trailer for excellent handling on and off road. Further more you can store a gas bottle in each wheel arch.It sports many of the same features as the high end trailers making this trailer great value for money.

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    Product Name



    Tara 290kg
    GVM 750kg
    Overall Width 1800mm
    Overall Height 1530mm
    Overall Length 2930
    Load Bed Capacity 1242 litre
    Load Body Width 1050mm
    Load Body Length 1300mm
    Load Body Height 910mm
    Load Body Volume 1242 litre